Privacy Policy

Policy on the Protection of Personal Data, Privacy and Cookies and Information about Permission to Receive Commercial Electronic Communication 

The following principles apply to the privacy of information about visitors (website visitors), members (website members), customers and partners, to the protection and storage of personal data and to commercial electronic communications and cookies at Offensify website. 

The objectives of this Policy on Privacy & Personal Data are: 

  • To express explicitly and clearly, to the extent possible, our goals and methods of use of personal data we acquire; 
  • To explain which of your personal data we acquire and for what purposes we use and process such data as per your permission; 
  • To inform the goals and methods of transferring such data to third parties; 
  • To elucidate you about your legal rights to your personal data; and 
  • To explain our responsibility to protect your rights and privacy. 

This text includes a clarification text about the use of your personal data, your explicit consent if you give and our cookie policy that includes information about the cookies used when you visit the website,

 In case where you: 

  • Visit Offensify website,
  • Become a member of Offensify website, 
  • Shop online at Offensify website, and 
  • Request notices about general and private campaigns through commercial communication channels. 

Data Protection 

Offensify has taken any and all necessary measures to protect the security of data obtained by visitors, members, customers and partners and of the transactions performed by the nature of such data and transaction in its relevant systems and internet infrastructure to the extent possible through its technological facilities and costs using technical and administrative methods. 

Our Purposes of Processing your Personal Data and the Personal Data we Process Membership Processes to the Website: 

If you become a member of Offensify website as a customer;

we do process your identification (name, surname), contact (email address) and shopping info (date, time, quantity, content of your shopping, information enabling to make use of Offensify membership campaigns) in order to complete your membership with Offensify, to send membership activation information to your party, to ensure that you benefit from campaigns, and to inform about membership, and your marketing data (incl. name, surname, e-mail address, approach to notices/surveys/offers/campaigns) in order to generate general or privately customized campaigns, advantages, promotions, and advertisements, to organize campaigns and other events, to perform segmentation, reporting, profiling, marketing and analysis, and to conduct commercials and marketing/communication activities of Offensify, either on website or on 3rd party medium, (incl. notices on website, popups, customized offers, customization of user displays, ads, searches, surveys etc.). 

When you become a member to Offensify website as a partner;

we process your identification (name, surname), contact (email address, phone number), position (job title) and company name in order to perform membership with Offensify, to send membership activation information to your party, to inform about membership and sales of products. 

Commercial Communication Processes 

If you give permission/explicit consent for commercial communication, we process your identification (name, surname) and contact (phone number, email address) information in order to perform general or special campaigns, advantages, promotions, commercials, information, marketing activities and customized commercial communication activities (SMS, email, search etc.), and to inform you about campaigns, contests, lotteries, invitations, launches and other events. 

Product Sales Processes 

When you shop online at website, we process your identification (name, surname), contact (email) information, customer transaction (info about product purchased, date of order) and invoice information in order to send any information related to the product (license code and other keys etc.) to your party and to contact with you in cases necessary and about new ordering processes. We, as Offensify, declare that we do not have any access to your credit card information. 

Legal Processes and Internal Activities 

We process your identification, contact, shopping, invoice and transaction safety (logs) information in order to fulfil our obligations arising from the legislation, and to meet our other legal obligations against authorized and official public institutions and organizations. 

We process identification (name, surname), contact (phone number, email address), shopping, invoice, transaction safety (logs for the permission/explicit consent/agreement within the scope of website membership, website shopping, commercial communication) and legal transaction info (letters and files related to conflict processes) within the scope of internal inspection, internal control and reporting, testing, development and improvement upon your demand for information in order to exercise all rights of litigation, reply and objection against official institutions and organizations including courts, enforcement offices, arbitration courts in case of any conflict and to execute any discussion and conciliation processes for any conflicts. 

We process your identification, contact, shopping and ordering information and transaction safety information in order to prevent misuse against website membership agreements, legislations and ethics and to detect suspicious actions and illegal uses. 

To Whom and To What Purposes We May Transfer Your Personal Data?

We share your personal data

with Offensify’s national and international service providers and business partners (marketing/commercial/analysis service providers, virtual POS service providers, database and server providers, email server providers, e-invoice and e-archive invoice service providers, electronic mail service providers, electronic payment institutions) in order to obtain product and service support in information technologies, marketing/commercials/analysis activities, payment services etc.; 

with authorized and official public institutions and organizations in order to fulfil our obligations including the obligation to give information and document to such institutions and organizations and judicial bodies and to exercise our legal rights including the rights to litigation and reply; 

with consultancy firms in cases necessary in order to track and detect suspicious transactions and to prevent any illegal actions. 

Methods and Legal Reasons of Collecting Personal Data 

We collect your personal data via non-automatic methods through saving your online shopping or membership information with our system, registering with our system any data created/obtained due to the use of stationary-mobile internet and communication devices and/or mobile applications on various medium and locations, recording on our systems all kinds of shopping, collection, delivery, transaction, survey, logs and behavioural actions on website, recording your demands and claims during contact with you through website, email addresses, social media and other communication channels or by recording your information/documents received from official institutions, organizations and judicial/administrative bodies, by recording your mail order forms, and by recording any document related to your special ordering processes or return processes. 

We collect your personal data based upon legal reasons stipulating the “necessity to conclude and execute an agreement”, “to fulfil legal obligations” and “to process data for legitimate interests of data controller” with regard to the sales processes on the website and the legal reason “to fulfil legal obligations” with regard to our obligations to store your data due to legislations, and based upon your “explicit consent” in case you demand that your personal data shall be stored during commercial communication processes. 

We, as Offensify, use session cookies, persistent cookies and mandatory cookies to offer you an effective customer satisfaction on website use. 

About Cookies Used on Website

A cookie is a small element of data stored on computers and mobile devices to ensure proper functioning and development of visited website, customizing and improving user experience, visiting websites without logging in and/or allowing commercial-social notices (that can be activated even if website browser and/or relevant mobile application is not open, as the case may be) and to deliver-send website users-visitors any general or customized notifications, commercials and promotions both on the relevant website or other websites (including social media-networks and online commercial networks). These data do not enable us to identify your party. Cookies are stored on computers-devices for a suitable period provided not to exceed any legal maximum periods, if any. 

Offensify uses “session cookies” and “persistent cookies” on its websites. Session cookies are temporary cookies that are stored on browser until user leaves Offensify website. Persistent cookies may remain on user browser for a period of 1 year if not deleted by the user. The lifetime of cookies varies upon browser settings of the user. 

Many internet browsers automatically accept cookies in default. You may change these settings to prevent cookies or to prompt when cookies are sent to your device. Please refer to the instructions or help display of your browser to obtain detailed information about how to adjust your browser settings. 

You may use our contact form to reach Offensify for further information about the use of cookies. 

About Contact Form and Commercial Electronic Mails 

When our visitors fill in the form at https://offensify.test.fabrikamedya.com/contact and enter their email addresses and select the tab “I hereby request Offensify to return me about this subject matter through my contact information (email address and phone number) which I share with Offensify through this contact form“ , Offensify will return them through their contact info delivered on the relevant application form with regard to the subject matter. If visitors enter their emails to Subscribe to our Newsletter  tab and select the checkbox “I hereby accept by selecting this checkbox that Offensify may send electronic mails to my part for promotion, commercial, communication, sales and marketing purpose with regard to all kinds of products and services”, Offensify may perform social, commercial and other electronic communications through email for promotion, commercial, communication, sales and marketing purposes with regard to all kinds of products and services in accordance with the relevant legislations. Offensify may send electronic mails to our visitors. Our visitors may fill in the contact form on website or email to channel@offensify.com or click on “I want to unsubscribe from the bulletin” link to unsubscribe from notifications/campaigns/announcements of Offensify.  

Declaration of Explicit Consent for Commercial Electronic Communication

I hereby consent with the following declaration of consent/permission that my personal data may be processed and commercial communications may be sent to my party as explained in details in the clarification text at link on 

Offensify website which is accessible at all times. 

I have been informed in this policy that I may demand at any time the deletion of my registered email address without any justification by clicking the option “I want to unsubscribe from the bulletin” in the electronic mail sent to my party and/or by filling in the contact form on https://offensify.test.fabrikamedya.com/contact  or by emailing to channel@offensify.com (and that any communication possible, necessary or obligatory due to laws may continue) and about any other relevant matters. 

I hereby give my consent/permission that Offensify: 

  • may send commercial electronic mails and other notices/communications to my contact addressed and process my personal data with regard to general or special campaigns, advantages, promotions, commercial, notifications, marketing activities, website or other channels, email, search and ads; and 
  • may share my personal data with the providers of Offensify, and share such data abroad if servers of such providers are in abroad, in order to obtain product and service support with regard to information technologies, commercial activities or consultancy that requires expertise. 

Your Personal Data Processed and Your Legal Rights to Your Personal Data

We hereby inform you that you are entitled to be informed about the methods and legal reasons of collecting your personal data including your name, surname, occupation/job, company/firm, email address, mobile phone number, landline number and the purposes to process and that to which parties and for what purposes your personal data may be transferred; and 

Further to be informed if your personal data has been processed or not, and if processed, if such are used for intended purposes, to be informed about third parties to which your personal data has been transferred, both nationally and internationally, and to request information about all such matters, and to demand the correction of any missing or inaccurately processed data, and to demand deletion or demolition of any such data in accordance with legal terms and methods, and to inform such case to any third parties that have been transferred such data, and to raise objection to any unfavourable results through analysis of your data by automatic systems, and to demand indemnification of any losses that you may incur in case where such data is processed unlawfully. 

Application of Offensify about Your Personal Data Processed

You may apply to Offensify about your personal data processed by Offensify, any time through contact form on Offensify website and/or by sending email to channel@offensify.com.