The First International Cyber Security E-Commerce Platform

In order to ensure effective cyber security; technologies must be used in a mature manner, product-independent cyber security functions should be performed by an expert staff and the results should be shown in an understandable and applicable way.

Today, most of the government agencies, institutions and companies meet these needs from local cyber security service providers.

Depending on our experience and researches, quality of the Cyber Security Services that are offered to customers is limited by local providers’ abilities. This situation creates barriers in front of customers to reach more qualified and also more affordable solutions. To break down these barriers, we established Offensify.

Our main goal is to increase the level of our customer’s cyber security maturity by providing them qualified cyber security services and products from anywhere in the world with much easier and more affordable way.

We aim to achieve our main goal by bringing together customers and qualified cyber security providers on the same e-commerce platform.

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