Security Assessment Service for Start-Ups

The assessment service is designed to be fast, flexible, and cost-effective, so you can get back to focusing on what matters most - growing your business. The latest tools and techniques are adopted to ensure that the assessment is comprehensive and accurate, and the Team will work with you to prioritize and address any vulnerabilities they identify.

The Cyber Security Assessment Service for Start-Ups includes:

Secure Hardware and Software Management, Security Configurations for Servers, Clients, Mobile and Network Devices, Continuous Vulnerability Assessment, Improvement and Relevant Security Tests, Privileged Access Management, Log Management and Analysis, E-mail and Web Browser Security, Malware Protection, Perimeter Security Analysis, Data Security, Access Security, Wireless Network Security, Secure Account Management, Staff Training, Incident Response, Governance, Risk and Compliance.

The team of experienced cyber security professionals will work closely with you to understand your business and its unique needs and provide customized recommendations for improving your cyber security posture. You will receive a comprehensive report detailing the findings and recommendations, so you can take action to protect your business from cyber threats.

You will receive a confirmation mail, and within a day, a Zoom meeting will be arranged by our team. The invoice will be sent within 2 business days.

Seller: Barikat Cyber Security
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Security Assessment Service for Start-Ups

This service aims to identify and classify potential vulnerabilities in your systems and applications, and provide recommendations for mitigation, to simulate real-world attacks on your systems and applications to test your defenses and identify any weaknesses, to review your existing security policies and provide recommendations for improvement.

Secure Hardware and Software Management consists of Discovery of network devices and systems, Creation of asset inventory, Appropriate Use Policies, Asset Return Processes, Software Inventory, Whitelist Application (Software), Change Management and Air gapped Systems.

Security Configurations for Servers, Clients, Mobile and Network Devices consists of Operating Systems (installation from ISO, security criteria), Remote Access to Systems (RDP, SSH), File - Information Integrity Control, Configuration Management and VLAN&Network Access Management.

Continuous Vulnerability Assessment and Improvement and Relevant Security Tests consists of Vulnerability Scanning, Patch Management, Penetration Testing and Red Team Exercises and Drills.

Privileged Access Management consists of Access Rights Management (Domain Admin, Local Admin etc.), User Management and User Password Management.

Log Management and Analysis consists of Log Correlation, SIEM, Syslog and Netflow.

E-mail and Web Browser Security consists of Add-On management, DMARC, DKIM and DNS.

Malware Protection consists of Malware Management (Antivirus, EDR etc.) and Malware Detection Methods.

Perimeter Security Analysis consists of Ports, Protocols and Services, DMZ, Whitelist Application (Web), Configurations for Detection of Anomalies and Network Architecture.

Data Security consists of Backup Management, Encryption, Disaster Recovery Center and DLP.

Access Security consists of Access Security to Sensitive Data and Access to Critical Systems.

Wireless Network Security consists of Wireless Network Traffic Security, Configuration and Analysis.

Secure Account Management consists of User Password Management and User Accounts Management.

Staff Training consists of Cyber ​​Security Organization Structure Analysis, Cyber ​​Security Awareness Trainings for Staff.

Incident Response consists of Cyber ​​Incident Response Team and Job Descriptions and Cyber ​​Incident Response Scenarios.

Governance, Risk and Compliance consists of Business Continuity and Information Security, Risk Management and Business Impact Analysis.