Cloud Security Readiness Assessment Service

The Cloud Security Readiness Assessment Service is tailored to support organizations that have adopted and/or have switched to cloud infrastructure via process, technology, and people-oriented analysis approach to monitor the cyber security steps.

It provides a comprehensive and holistic view of the organization's current situation by conducting relevant controls. This broader perspective aids in the identification, assessment, and prioritization of short-, medium-, and long-term product and service investments.

The service offers the following components:

- Dedicated meeting with the department leaders (Remote)

- Issuing a report that contains remedial actions and recommendations to address the findings

- Presentation via video conference to discuss the report

Barikat Cyber Security’s seasoned Testing Team with remarkable field experience, expertise, and the industry’s well-known certifications can help your organization to identify security vulnerabilities in your exposed systems and services.

You will receive a confirmation mail, and within a day, a Zoom meeting will be arranged by our team. The invoice will be sent within 2 business days.

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Cloud Security Readiness Assessment Service

Barikat Cyber Security’s Cloud Security Readiness Assessment Service is a highly customizable and specialized offering designed to provide comprehensive support to organizations that have either adopted or transitioned to cloud infrastructure. This service employs a meticulous analysis approach that encompasses processes, technologies, and people-oriented considerations, ensuring a thorough evaluation of cyber security measures.

The service covers the following 17 control aspects:

1. Audit and Assurance

2. Application and Interface Security

3. Business continuity Management and Operational Resilience

4. Change and Configuration Management

5. Cryptography, Password and Key Management

6. Data Center security

7. Data Security and Privacy Management

8. Security, Compliance and Risk Management

9. Human Resources

10. Identity and Access Management

11. Interoperability

12. Infrastructure and Virtualization Security

13. Monitoring and Records Management

14. Cyber Incident Response, Digital Reconnaissance, Cloud Evidence Collection

15. Supplier Management

16. Threat and Vulnerability Management

17. End User

By leveraging the Cloud Security Readiness Assessment Service, organizations can proactively identify and address potential vulnerabilities in their cloud infrastructure. This service empowers organizations to enhance their overall cyber security posture, mitigate risks, and ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of their data and systems in the cloud.

Following resources are used within the scope of this service:

• ISO 27001 Information Security Management System Standard 

• ISO 27002 Annex-A Controls (2022 Cloud Security version) 

• Storing Personal Data in ISO 27018 Cloud Service Provider Environments

• ISO27017 Cloud Service Provider Environment Security 

• Cloud Security Alliance Control Matrix 4.0.7 

• Center Of Internet Security 8.0